Setting up django-simple-friends


  1. Install django-simple-friends package:

    pip install django-simple-friends
  2. Add friends to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

        # Other apps
  3. Run syncdb to create tables and seed friendship data for existing users:

    python syncdb
  4. Run tests to make sure the app is installed correctly:

    python test friends
  5. Optionally include friends.urls to your URLconf:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        # Other entries
        (r'^friends/', include('friends.urls')),

Development Setup

If you want to develop django-simple-friends you can follow the steps below to set up a development environment.

  1. Log-in to your GitHub account and fork the project.

  2. Create a virtual environment:

    virtualenv --no-site-packages django-simple-friends
  3. Create a local repository:

    cd django-simple-friends
    . bin/activate
    git clone src


    You need to replace muhuk with your GitHub username in the command above.

  4. Run the tests to make sure everyting is set up correctly:

    cd src
    python example/ test friends
  5. Pick an issue to work on.